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WorkDraft Studio is a small company born from an easy question: "How to help the people in their lifetime?" After this question, I have created WorkDraft app to help the people in their work. After that, I have invented the first videogame of WorkDraft Studio Ltd. named Earth - Live The Place, where the player M.E.P help the user to explore one park placed in California. After one year WorkDraft Studio has published another videogame, like a story, about Haw a little eagle. The name of this new videogame is LittleEagle and after many downloads, we return to create applications for everyday life.
A few days ago, a new app called Evermind, was published and now we are happy about it because many people can save their time to create a note.
Because the ideas are important and the best solution for this is to save them.

Keep your ideas, don't get away from your mind, use Evermind.

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We made apps, for your personal and business utility

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